Our Story

Everything you need to know before you visit South Boston Church of God

Our Vision 

(What We Aspire To Be)

South Boston COG strives to be a spiritually healthy, vibrant, and diverse group of believers that desires to love God and others. To serve God and people through discipleship and being a place of refuge for all.

South Boston COG is place where everyone matters.

Our Mission

(Why we exist)

South Boston COG exists to Love God and people, and Serve God, people, and the world. This mission is summarized as follows: Love and Serve

Our History

South Boston COG has a rich and long history in the community of South Boston, VA. This church was started with the idea of making a difference in the community by making a difference in the Kingdom. South Boston has always strived to bring light to the dark places and be at the forefront of bringing the love of Jesus Christ to the broken, hurt, needy, and lost.

Our Changes

South Boston COG has seen changes over the years. We have changed locations, built new facilities, have had great people and pastors, but through all of those changes the DNA and heartbeat has remained the same. South Boston COG exists to love and serve and fulfill the “Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Our hope and desire is to be a transformational church and to see our community change and transform through the Gospel message. We believe we are a missional church, meaning that we have a mission to serve the community of South Boston, VA with the love and grace of Jesus. We feel part of our mission and calling is to be
community of believers from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and socio – economic statuses. We are NOT a perfect church, however with everyone who partners and connects with us, we come one step closer to the church that God has called us to be